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Dead Rabbit Radio

Sep 28, 2018

Today we look at a mental disorder that turns you into the walking dead, then we travel to New York City to find out exactly why it is important to the MMO Runescape.


Cotard Delusion is the belief you are dead. You have no blood, your organs have liquified; even though you are still alive and everyone can attest to...

Sep 27, 2018

Talking seals, spooky patches of wilderness, and a document from the 1960s concerning the US government’s theories on alien life: It’s a weird one today on Dead Rabbit Radio.


Hoover The Talking Seal


Hoover, the talking Seal July 10-11 1984

Sep 26, 2018

Was there a game online that encouraged it’s “players” to commit suicide? And can you reshape your reality through hypersigils?

The Blue Whale Game was a viral hit/catastrophe a few years ago, and with the emergence of the “Momo” meme, we take a look to see if there is any truth behind the idea of a “suicide...

Sep 25, 2018

Today we read a spell that I don't know what it means, really what it's for, and is about 2000 years older than the country I live in, and then we travel to Japan to read a letter from a lunatic who really, really, wants to kill disabled people.


The Ephesia Grammata is a supposedly a spell of protection but no one...

Sep 24, 2018

Today we look at bad Hollywood casting choices and then explore the legal ramifications of UFO-induced radiation sickness.

The new Predator film came out, but one scene had to be edited shortly before release. When the director casts his good friend/convicted sex offender, really, what would you think was going to...