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Dead Rabbit Radio

Oct 31, 2018

A cult uncovered, a serial killer who gave a bad name to Otaku culture, and a conspiracy involving sexy, sexy bridesmaids!


Recently I did a harmless story about a buried . . . I mean hidden treasure and unknowingly uncovered a cult centered around a man, his fake treasure, and a deadly treasure hunt.

Then we travel to...

Oct 30, 2018

Today we find a body-less head a few days before Halloween, investigate the horror of human and cattle mutilations, and then take a whiff of the smelliest chemical ever!



On October 27th, two people walk into an Oakland Police station and tell the cops they found something: a human head. The officers think it’s a...

Oct 29, 2018

Today we examine the tragedy of the recent terror attacks in the US and what it means for conspiracy theories and then we travel to Brazil to explore one of the most dramatic UFO incidents that you’ve never heard of.


In one week, the US has had a spate of mailbombs and one massacre in a synagogue. When conspiracy...

Oct 26, 2018

Today we search for hidden treasure then delve into my creepy past as I recount my experiences with the Shadow People!


Forrest Fenn took over $1,000,000 in treasure and buried it somewhere in the Rockies. He then wrote his autobiography and filled it with clues that would lead to these hidden riches. Several have...

Oct 25, 2018

Today we listen to a creep voicemail, look for a suppressed film, and taste the deliciousness of mass destruction.


Henry McCabe went missing in 2015, and while his body was eventually found 2 months late it is a disturbing voicemail he left his wife that has the police wondering if it was foul play or . . . something...