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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

Today we travel to Kansas to investigate the Stull Cemetery. Pop star Ariana Grande said she encountered a demon there that followed her until she deleted a photo she had taken? Is there any truth to her story? Is Stull Cemetery one of the fabled Gateways To Hell? We'll sort fact from fiction today on Dead Rabbit Radio!



Note: I set out to do one take on this story, but I think you'll notice a tonal shift take place during the episode. Was even my mind changed while reporting this story?


Ariana Grande: "Shadow of a Doubt" (2013 Cover Story)

Ariana Grande Issues Public Apology to Satan’s Minions

Ariana Grande’s ‘Demon’ Experience Revealed In Complex Cover Story

Sauer's Castle

The Pope Flew Around Stull


Stull Cemetery: Of Course Kansas Has a Portal to Hell

Keep the Hell Out of Stull!

The Enduring Legend of Kansas’ Haunted Stull Cemetery: Visiting America’s Most Off-Limits Gateway to Hell

Stull, Kansas,_Kansas

Stull, Kansas

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