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Dead Rabbit Radio

Nov 30, 2018

Today we look at Organic Black Helicopters, investigate a laughing epidemic that infected 1000 people, and then we hitch a ride on a ghost boat!


“Organic Black Helicopters” is a phrase found on the Conspiracy Iceberg. Is it a real lifeform that hovers over us in the darkness or is it an elaborate prank?

Then we travel to Africa to try to find the root cause of the Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic. 1000 people were infected with a madness that made them laugh uncontrollably for days on end.

And finally we sail/float down the Tombigbee River, but bring your life vest! We’re traveling on two haunted ghost boats!


National Directory Of Haunted Places


The TRUTH About Black Helicopters!


Black helicopter


Obama Admits: "There Are Black Helicopters"


Stealth helicopter


Tanganyika laughter epidemic


The Many Theories Behind The Strange Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic


The 1962 Laughter Epidemic of Tanganyika Was No Joke


James T. Staples




Ask Rufus: Ghosts of the Tombigbee


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