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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Dec 11, 2018

Did the warlord Kony cast a voodoo curse on a man trying to take him down? And then we read the top secret files from the KGB that tell the tale of a bizarre alien encounter in Antarctica.



Kony, of #Kony2012 fame, is a brutal warlord who formed an army of children to do his dirty work. But does he also have dark magic on his side?

Then we look at an incident that took place in Antarctica involving the KGB and 5 aliens that morph into a ball. Yup, this one gets weird.


Cult drags youth on sleep-walk to evil

EX-KONY SOLDIER: Warlord May Have CURSED Jason Russell

The Story of Kony2012

Alien shockproof? CIA files reveal shocking fate faced by KGB soldiers on encountering UFO

CIA Files Reveal Shocking Fate Faced by KGB Soldiers on Encountering UFO

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