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Dec 25, 2018

Today we look the birth of a mechanical god, and then take a ride on the mysterious "Ghost Blimp" that crashed into San Francisco!



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"The New Motive Power" was its name. And it's purpose? To bring utopia to Earth. Was Ben Franklin's ghost really trying to usher in a new era of peace?

Then we travel to San Francisco during World War 2. Big Ole Blimps patrol the coast looking for Japanese subs. But when one of them crashes into the city, the question on everyone's mind is . . .where is the crew?


The Bizarre Mechanical Messiah of John Murray Spear

The Building Of The God Machine

The New Motor: Building John Murray Spear’s ‘God Machine’ in Lynn, Massachusetts

The Bizarre Tale Of The World War II Ghost Blimp And Its Missing Crew

Reddit Lays 70-Year-Old Unsolved Blimp Mystery To Rest In One Comment

Mystery of the Ghost Blimp

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