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Dead Rabbit Radio

Dec 31, 2018

Iran is at war with mutant rats, a couple decides it’s time to pay back Jesus, and then we take a look at a string of massive fires in America in 1871. Were these fires caused by carelessness, bad luck, or something not of this world?


Tehran is currently facing an invasion of cat sized, 11 pound mutant rats and only a team of snipers can save them from total rat-nnihilation!

A couple takes their three young kids to church but it’s not time to pray . . .it’s time to pay!


Multiple massive fires plagued America one cold winter day in 1871. As the Midwest burned, all people could do was hope for a miracle. But after the destruction was over, the search for answers began. Is it possible that these flames were stoked by a long-dead comet?


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Tehran rats outgrowing cats, surviving poison, but not snipers

Iran battles plague of giant mutant rats with team of snipers

Tehran Rats: Iran Reportedly Battles Giant ‘Mutant’ Rodents With Snipers

Rat King

Farmington duo charged in child sacrifice attempt

Cops: Couple Sought to 'Sacrifice' Kids on Altar


Peshtigo Fire

Great Michigan Fire

Peshtigo Fire

Could A Meteorite or Comet Cause All The Fires of 1871?

Biela's Comet

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