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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Feb 10, 2019

Today we take a 3000 mile trip on accident, and then we go back to school and investigate the stories of UFOs landing in elementary school playgrounds!


When a skier went missing, people assumed the worst. When he reappeared 6 days later 3000 miles away, people assumed aliens!


And then we take a look at the bizarre cases where UFOs have landed during broad day light at elementary schools around the world!




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Alien Abduction? Missing Skier Found 3000 Miles Away In California Still Wearing Goggles


This Toronto Firefighter Likely Hit His Head During A Ski Trip. Stricken With Amnesia, He Turned up 4000km Away


Remembering Zimbabwe's great alien invasion


The 40 year unsolved mystery of the school children who saw a UFO


Hundreds of school kids saw a UFO, and were ignored for 50 years


UFO Encounter at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe 1994 (62 School Children)


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Paranormal, Conspiracy, and True Crime news as it happens! Jason Carpenter breaks the stories they'll be talking about tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end today.


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