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Dead Rabbit Radio

Feb 22, 2019

Today we take a look at a mass delusion that almost started a war, and then we discuss the tale of the talking tumor!


In 1983, women and young girls began fainting in the West Bank. Was it a chemical weapon attack, a simple gas leak, or a mass delusion that almost forced the Palestians and the Israelis to go war?


And then we examine the story of a woman who began hearing voices in her head. The voices were telling her to go to the hospital. And when she did, the story only gets stranger!




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1983 West Bank fainting epidemic


Transcript of 1983 West Bank fainting epidemic


Epidemic of Acute Illness--West Bank

1983 West Bank fainting epidemic


A difficult case: Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices




The Bicameral Mind and Our Constant Inner Monologue


Overview of Julian Jaynes's Theory


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