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Dead Rabbit Radio

Feb 26, 2019

Satanic invasion of elementary schools? Are computers taking over via photos? And are we at war with the direct descendants of the Yeti? Find out today on Dead Rabbit Radio!

An anti-gang lecture at an elementary school turns spooky when all the kids are sent home with a satanic calendar!

Then we take a look at some cutting-edge AI tools that are built for one purpose: to fool humans!

And finally, we examine the theory of Zermatism. Is humanity locked into a life or death struggle with the Sons of Yeti?




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School distributes satanic, sex calendar: Texas parents infuriated by explicit material


This Person Does Not Exist


Can YOU tell the difference? Creepy website uses AI to create 'deepfake' photos of humans who don't exist


Revolutionary AI fake text generator is 'too dangerous' to release: Project backed by Elon Musk won't publish its research for fear of potential misuse


Stanislav Szukalski: Zermatic

Stanislaw Szukalski


Szukalski’s Science of Zermatism


Stanislaw Szukalski


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