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Dead Rabbit Radio

Jul 13, 2018

Today is a blast from the past as we look at mysteries involving the gold rush, mastodon tusks and the Titanic going bust!




The Valley of the Headless Men is deep in the remote wilderness of Canada. The area got it's name after a rash of beheadings in the early 1900s. Were these attacks caused by human greed or was a darker force at work?

Then we travel to Aiud, Romania where in between two mastodon tusks a chunk of modern metal is found. How did it get there?

And finally we take a trip on the Titanic and learn the disaster may not have been an accident after all . . .


Mysteries of the Nahinni Park Reserve in Canada

Wedge Of Aiud Debunked

Did JP Morgan Sink The Titanic To Remove Rivals And Form The Federal Reserve?

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