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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Aug 30, 2019

Today we run from bats with human faces, hot box Bigfoot, meet Jesus, and then take a trip to a lonely mesa and find a UFO with a bite taken out of it!




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5 Best Haunted Hiking Trails


The Scary Mt. Rubidoux


Mount Rubidoux


Paranormal Evil in San Diego: The Hidden Path That Stirs Up Demons


Haunted Simi Valley: The Meat-Head of Sycamore Park

Giant Space Clams- Nevada



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Opening Song: "Atlantis Attacks"

Closing Song: "Bella Royale"

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Paranormal, Conspiracy, and True Crime news as it happens! Jason Carpenter breaks the stories they'll be talking about tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end today.


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