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Dead Rabbit Radio

Sep 6, 2019

Today we take a pill to get all hairy, and then we travel to Malawi to outrun mobs AND vampires!




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Kids get 'werewolf syndrome' from taking dodgy medicine in Spain's Costa Del Sol


Children develop ‘werewolf syndrome’ after taking dodgy meds in Costa del Sol]


What Is Alopecia Areata?


Malawi: Nine killed and 250 arrested after mob attacks people believed to be 'vampires'


Panic and vengeful mobs as Vampire scare rattles Malawi


Malawi cracks down on 'vampire' lynch mobs


How Colonialism Fueled Deadly Anti-Vampire Hysteria in Malawi


Climate change is creating vampires in Malawi


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Opening Song: "Atlantis Attacks"

Closing Song: "Bella Royale"

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