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Sep 7, 2018

Today we cover one story: Who are the Conformers?

Over a decade ago, I first came across the rumors of an alien race known as the Conformers. They always intrigued me. Searching for more info for this show has led me down a rabbit hole of blank pages, oddly misleading info, and the sinking suspicion that someone or something is deleting info concerning them.





(An odd link talking about Conformers, then linking to "Stinky Blobs" aliens, then the rest of the article is nonsense  or keywords

(That link has gone dead since this episode originally aired. New Link:



(What the Conformer's link leads to. A totally different description.)


(Two months ago, this page had a brief description of Conformers. I bookmarked it. Now the information is gone. Search for "Conformers" in the search bar. No results found.

Exopolitics: The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

(Blog with a brief mention of Conformers but states they are the alien race that control other aliens. Never heard this before.)

(Article concerning aliens meeting with humans, with a brief mention of "The Conformers" with no additional detail.)

US Military is liaising with Extraterrestrial life

Johnston Atoll - ET Underwater Base

(This article again just briefly mentions the Conformers. I'm including all these links to show this isn't just a one off thing.)

Majestic 12 • Conspiracy Of Silence • World Biggest Cover Up

(Single Mention: States One Of Three Races To Contact The US)

Marcianos en la ONU

(Spanish language website with just a mention of Conformers but they have no additional information.)

Extraterrestrial Speak: Book Two

(Book by ET expert Lou Baldwin, is asked if he has heard of the Conformers. He answers "Haven't heard of them ... until now."

The Pickerings, "Source A," and Disclosure

(Brief mention of Conformers, calling them "Hot Rocks." No new info.)

Types Of Aliens

(List of Aliens, over 100 of them. No Conformers but does cut and paste the Stinky Blob description from THINKABOUTIT'S page.)

Helzer Brothers/Children Of Thunder

Death row inmate Helzer hospitalized in critical condition

120 Days by Marquis De Sade

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