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Dead Rabbit Radio

Sep 25, 2018

Today we read a spell that I don't know what it means, really what it's for, and is about 2000 years older than the country I live in, and then we travel to Japan to read a letter from a lunatic who really, really, wants to kill disabled people.


The Ephesia Grammata is a supposedly a spell of protection but no one really knows. Details are scarce even though it predates Christ's birth by four centuries. With so many modern wiccans and other practitioners of magick around today, why it this spell fairly unknown? Is it too powerful for normal people?


Then we travel to Japan and the year 2016 where a 26 year old man thinks it's a good idea to write a letter to a politician detailing how much he wants to kill 470 disabled people. But after a brief stint in a mental ward, how far will Satoshi Uematsu go to make his letter a reality?




"State Of Emergency" - - This Is Not The Zombie Film You Were Waiting For, But It's Close.


Ephesia grammata


Ephesia Grammata


Ephesia Grammata


The Ephesia Grammata in Popular Belief


The Ephesian formula- old words of power for modern times…


Satoshi Uematsu Letter


Sagamihara Stabbings


Suspect in Sagamihara massacre planned second attack on same day


Examining the motives behind mass murder in Japan


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