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Dead Rabbit Radio

Sep 26, 2018

Was there a game online that encouraged it’s “players” to commit suicide? And can you reshape your reality through hypersigils?

The Blue Whale Game was a viral hit/catastrophe a few years ago, and with the emergence of the “Momo” meme, we take a look to see if there is any truth behind the idea of a “suicide challenge.”

Then we explore the idea of hypersigils. Is it possible to create the world you’ve always wanted by turning your life into a narrative? If you tell yourself a story about you, will that story come true?




Suicide prevention



Blue Whale Challenge: List of All 50 Tasks            


Suicide by social media: What happened when one woman went undercover to play the 'Blue Whale' game


Woman who sent texts urging boyfriend to kill himself is convicted of manslaughter


Blue Whale (game)


'Blue Whale' survivor tells the game suicide instructions


Girl, 12, becomes youngest victim of Blue Whale ‘suicide game’


Deaths of two young half-sisters who fell 10-stories 'linked to Blue Whale suicide game'


Blue Whale Game


Man Who Invented Blue Whale Suicide Game Makes Sick Claim About His Victims


Everything you need to know about the deadly Blue Whale suicide game


Former MB son commits suicide to fulfil Blue Whale game challenges


hypersigil, hyperstition, or simply interesting living?




What is a hypersigil?


Hypersigils reconsidered


The Science Of Getting Rich


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