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Dead Rabbit Radio

Nov 30, 2021

Today we swear off fish, learn about a new school of art, and then we take a trip to a local department store to find out if ghosts know they are creepy!





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EP 32 - Grand Soy Unified Theory (Soy Sauce Helmets episode)

EP 634 - The Lady Gaga/Oreo Cookie/9-11 Conspiracy! (Marina Abramović episode)

EP 693 - They Are Waiting For You To Fall Asleep (Shot Dog Film episode)

Yin Yang fish

Zhu Yu (artist)

Chinese eating LIVE fish

Yin and Yang Fish – A Controversial Dish That’s Both Dead and Alive

Piss Christ

Are Human Fetuses ‘Taiwan’s Hottest Dish’?

No, this photo shows a piece of performance art created by a Chinese artist in 2000

Zhu Yu - Eating People

Rick Gibson

JC Penney Department Store Dreams


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