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Dead Rabbit Radio

Mar 2, 2022

Today we find out the fictional world is getting closer to reality, and then we find out Shadow People may be invading out military bases!




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EP 300 - The Dimensional Merge: Is Fiction Invading Our World? (Chris Chan episode)

EP 735 - The Sega Dreamcast Dimension: A Better World Awaits (Chris Chan episode)

EP 241 - 1st Anniversary Special! (Haunted Pizza Parlor episode)

EP 94 - The Shadow People Invasion

Who is the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’? Story of Ukrainian ace pilot goes viral

Game Origin

Is This ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ Video Real?

Footage shows flight simulator game, not Russian fighter jet being shot down

If you liked the 'Ghost of Kyiv', you will love the 'Ukrainian Reaper'

Odessa Ass Bandit


Former Ukraine president confirms the 'Ghost of Kyiv' is real

Fake Photo Reverse Search

Ex-President Tweet

Ghost of Kyiv: unconfirmed Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot credited with six kills

Have independent video experts ever verified the authenticity of the Osama bin Laden 9/11 confession tape?

Nayirah testimony

Exclusive: Nuclear Technician Details Serious Security Breaches Involving UFOs and High Strangeness At U.S. Nuclear Base

Air Force Technician Saw ‘UFO’ And ‘Shadow People’ Near Nuclear Weapons At US Air Force Base

The Houston Gargoyle: A Strange Sighting At NASA’s Space Center

US Army is developing 'invisibility suit' for soldiers to make them DISAPPEAR on the battlefield - and says it will begin trials in just 18 months

High Strangeness: Encounters reported at Area 2 outside of Las Vegas

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