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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

Today we examine more info on demon-linked killings, discuss how to fix evolution, and look at bizarre disappearances while wondering how you would deal with a "Lost" situation.



The idea of "Michigan Blue Hell" is a terrifying one, to me at least. Supposedly it is a tear in the fabric of space-time that will allow someone to fall out of our reality and into something else entirely. 

While looking into crazy disappearances, I found out about the "Sarah Joe." It is a little known story outside of Hawaii of five men who went fishing and only one was ever found. 10 years later. In a grave no one knows who dug it.

And XXXtentacion is back in the conspiracy circle as yet another post is made detailing demonic involvement in his death. Listen, his death was tragic. But demons had nothing to do with it. It’s called human greed.


Michigan Blue Hell In Brief

A Little More On Michigan Blue Hell (There really isn't a lot of info.)

The Mystery Of The Sarah Joe

And one last interesting link I barely touched on because of time:

The Wiretap Rooms: Hidden NSA Hubs in America

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