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Dec 26, 2018

Today we travel to Merry Ole’ England to investigate the real reason the Gatwick Airport was shut down. And then we grab our popcorn to watch the utterly bizarre video released by Kevin Spacey and examine the conspiracy theories it has already created.



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Gatwick Airport had over 1000 flights either delayed or canceled outright due to drone sightings. But after days of turbulence, two people were arrested and released and then a police officer stated there may have not been any drones in the first place! So what happened?

And then we look at Kevin Spacey’s new video “Just Let Me Be Frank.” Is this video a stab at regaining a role on “House Of Cards?” Or is it a warning shot at the elite and telling them if he goes down, so do they?


Us Trailer

UK police in 'miscommunication' with comments there may have been no drone at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick airport drones disruption wasn't all for nothing, UK police insist

The Gatwick Drone Story Just Got Even Weirder, Sending Conspiracy Theorists Into Overdrive

Let Me Be Frank

Kevin Spacey's Mug ZOOMED IN

Kevin Spacey faces felony sexual assault charge, releases bizarre video titled 'Let Me Be Frank'

Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14

Kevin Spacey breaks silence in bizarre video, faces charge for alleged sexual assault

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