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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Jun 27, 2018

Today we examine daydreams, discuss why video games may be hamster wheels that we willingly run, meet people who hate music (!?), visit an unknown country where the most controversial priest lives, take a look at a dramatic home invasion AND visit the world's cutest pup!



The Catholic Church has had a lot of problems through their storied history. Most of them has been made into movies. So. Many. Movies. But this time, we take a look at Father Paul Ogalo who has been suspended for 1 year for rapping to his parishioners. He said he's doing it to attract young people to the church. Nope, no cheap jokes there.

Next, we go to Goochland, Virginia and visit a young family who were spending some quality time together. But when an intruder from New Zealand shows up with a knife, duct tape, and pepper spray, the family has to protect themselves. Remember: Never open the door!

I also just bought Saint’s Row 4, which I’m about 25% done with. It’s a pretty good game but it is already interfering with me getting other stuff done. This is why I stopped playing games in the first place!

Also, what do you daydream about? Have you ever daydreamed about winning the high school talent show? That always seemed to be a popular one people share.

The Worst Thing A Priest Has Ever Done

He Flew Across The World To Meet A Girl He Just Met

CPR Pupper!!!


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