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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Jun 30, 2018

Victory To The Light! Today we get trapped on a plane with a rotting man, go on a journey with the Resistance of Light to their underground bunker, and we got something very cool in the mail!



First off, we discuss an unfortunate incident of a Russian rock star, Andrey Suchilin, who was infected with a flesh rotting disease and hopped on a place to head home. But once his skin began to rot on the plane, the passengers had no escape from the putrid smell. They even tried locking him in the restroom but the scent still lingered in the air.

Then we take another look at the Resistance of Light and their “Entry Protocols.” Want to join them in their fight against otherworldly space demons? Be prepared at any time to disappear from the face of the Earth and down a secret passage into the underground where you will be asked to take off your clothes if you want to join them. No, not kidding.

And finally, I got my copy of the “Stephen King Shot John Lennon” newsletter from Steve Lightfoot! We covered this conspiracy back in Eps 5 and 6 but I;ve been a fan of this theory for years. Please, If you are a fan of conspiracy theories you HAVE to buy this. Words do not describe how amazing it is. Well, they will when I do a full episode on it soon but for now, buy your copy at


Passenger Dies After Plane Is Forced To Divert To Portugal Due To Horrific Smell Caused By His Flesh-Eating Disease That Made Other Travelers Vomit

Buy Your Ordinary Rock . . . I Mean Magic Bean Today!

Don’t Forget To Sign Our Petiton to Start A War Against Space Demons!

The Victory Of Light Wants You In It’s Hole! GET IN THE HOLE!!!

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