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Jul 25, 2018

Sorry for the weird "Leningrad" insert. I packed everything up and went to the cool, cool library to edit this when I realized my mistake. No professional mic? No problem. I just said "Leningrad" several times out loud in an otherwise quiet library. And now I'm on a watch list!



Today we look at Colgate forts, missing Russian gold, and the dangers of ghost hunting.

"Colgate forts" is a phrase you've probably never heard. I certainly hadn't before I started this show. But the rumor is that Russian soldiers, fleeing the Communist takeover, stole all the nation's gold and then hid out in houses made of toothpaste. Only half of that sentence is actually true.

Then we travel to Seattle, where a young man and his friends were spending their free time hunting ghosts. But after the gunshots rang out, the only hunt that matter was the one for the killers.


Ever hear of the Colgate forts?

Where in Siberia is the last Tsar of Russia's 'missing' gold?

Secret stash of tsar's gold worth billions found in old rail tunnel near Lake Baikal

Leningrad: Siege and Symphony: The Story of the Great City Terrorized by Stalin, Starved by Hitler, Immortalized by Shostakovich

17-Year-Old Ryan Dela Cruz Was Fatally Shot While Ghost-Hunting in a Seattle Park

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