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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Today we visit 1 million cannibal ants, and then we check out a church that claims to be able to resurrect the dead!





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BUNKER FROM HELL One million cannibal ants found trapped inside abandoned nuclear bunker in Poland




Glory Cloud at Bethel


Bethel Church (Redding, California),_California)


Students at “Christian Hogwarts” Suck Graves and Try to Walk Through Walls


“Christian Hogwarts” Teaches Students to Hear God and Perform Miracles


Frequently Asked Questions


Map Of Schools


Ex-Bethel student not at fault in '08 fall; judge says woman not obligated to act


Friends May Be Liable for Man’s Drunken Cliff Fall


Meet The "Young Saints" Of Bethel Who Go To College To Perform Miracles


Beyond bizarre stories from Bethel “Church”.


Bill Johnson 's Bethel Church Tells Wicca that She's "On the Right Path" and "God is So Proud of Her


‘Olive hasn’t been raised’: After praying for miracle, girl's family now plans memorial


The Evangelical Parents Of A Young Girl Who Died Are Using Social Media To Ask For Her Resurrection


California Church that prayed to resurrect girl from the dead is moving on with memorial service


Bethel Church Finally Admits a Dead Child Will Not Be Resurrected


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