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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Nov 11, 2022

Today we finish Season 19 with a trip to an e-sports arena where dying in the game means dying in real life! And then we look into the Poop Pill. How far would you go to become the best?


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EP 326 - King Of The Clone Zone! (Donald Marshall episode)

EP 970 - Is Millie Bobbie Brown Cloning Hookah Bar Patrons? (Donald Marshall episode)

EP 416 - Fart Demons! (Belphegor episode)

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Created a VR Headset That Kills You If You Die in the Game


Oculus Founder's Vision For Military AI, Which He's Helping Build, Is Kinda Yikes

See Teslasuit in Action

Poop pill could be the secret to crushing it at the gym

Veillonella atypica

COVID Truthers’ New Freakout: Being Forced to Eat Bugs


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