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Dead Rabbit Radio

Nov 30, 2018

Today we look at Organic Black Helicopters, investigate a laughing epidemic that infected 1000 people, and then we hitch a ride on a ghost boat!


“Organic Black Helicopters” is a phrase found on the Conspiracy Iceberg. Is it a real lifeform that hovers over us in the darkness or is it an elaborate prank?

Then we...

Nov 29, 2018


Today we take a quick look at the first fatality connected to a UFO encounter, visit a philosopher with a knack for pissing people off, and then we examine whether there is a connection between child molesters and mass shooters.


Captain Thomas Mantell took his fighter jet in a pursuit against a UFO. The official...

Nov 28, 2018

Today we have a breaking story about a photograph that I found. Then we tell tall tales about the American Robin Hood known as Railroad Bill, and is there a dark force in Gillingham, England that sows chaos and fear by taking the lives of children?


I found a photo while I was out walking today. It’s most...

Nov 27, 2018

Today we take a terrifying to three different towns in America that teeter between the world of the light and a land plagued in darkness.


Dudleytown, Connecticut was once called “The most haunted town in the world.” Does it live up to it’s reputation or is it a quiet town that just wants to be left alone?


Nov 26, 2018

Today we look at a criminal plot that would put Lex Luthor to shame, then we travel to England to explore it’s history of insane maniacs terrorizing cities. Not during wars, I guess I have to add.


Asgeirr Ulfr was a man with a plan. A bad plan, but a plan none the less. Could he pull off assaulting a woman then...