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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Aug 15, 2018

Today we visit the cutest little African tribe in the world, then travel to Stockton to find the hero that we deserve.



The Abatwa is a race of ant-sized humans that hunt the plains of Africa. With spears tipped with a deadly neurotoxin, even the fabled Zulu warriors feared them. But were the Abatwa an actual tribe? And if so, why did the legends spring up about their diminutive size?

Next we go to Stockton, CA to meet a local man who has taken up the mantle of Stockton’s Batman. Holy copyright infringement! This local do-gooder stops crime at the local Dollar Store but will he meet his match when he is confronted by Real Life Super Villains?


Fresno Nightcrawlers: The Ultimate Debunk Of The Infamous Nightcrawler

The Abatwa

Stockton Batman Fights Crime

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones fired, and other sad tales of men in capes

"Superheroes" Documentary


Attention!! Real Life Super Heroes be warned!

Rex Velvet: Seattle Super Villain Calls Out Phoenix Jones

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