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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Aug 17, 2018

Today we take a trip to a couple of YouTube channels where people cheer on the torture of animals and address one of the most requested topics: The mysterious "golf rumors."



*Sorry about the last episode of Crazy Cryptid Week. We had some technical issues so this was Monday's episode. We will finish CCW on Monday.

YouTube seems to have a serious problem with "Monkey Torture" video. How did this community come to be? Why are people so filled with hate towards monkeys? And what can we do to stop it?

Then we take a look at "Golf Rumors" from the conspiracy iceberg chart and trace a path from it's made up origins to a possible answer.


Monkey hate/torture on YouTube

Why do I hate apes chimps and monkeys?

Monkey Torture Comments

More Monkey Torture Comments

Even More Monkey Torture Comments

I absolutely hate monkeys

Why the human in this video didn't kill this useless baby monkey

Anyone else have a burning hatred for monkeys?

Golf Rumors 4Chan Posts

The Mystery Of Erica Blasberg

Global Oscillations at Low Frequencies


Sun's core rotates four times faster than its surface

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