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Dead Rabbit Radio

Sep 28, 2018

Today we look at a mental disorder that turns you into the walking dead, then we travel to New York City to find out exactly why it is important to the MMO Runescape.


Cotard Delusion is the belief you are dead. You have no blood, your organs have liquified; even though you are still alive and everyone can attest to that, you absolutely believe you are deceased. And since you are already dead, why eat or avoid danger like a rational (and alive) human would?


Then we explore the conspiracy of “Runescape .NYC.” Is there a sinister link before the old school MMO and the Big Apple?


Cotard Delusion


A Case Report of Cotard’s Syndrome


Teenager spent three years thinking she was DEAD due to 'Walking Corpse Syndrome' - and credits Disney films with her recovery


Dead Strange


John McAfee's Quantum Suicide Attempts (may not be the technical definition, but very weird / glitchy).


Runescape .NYC


Runescape Set in New York Conspiracy Theory


Runescape .NYC


Runescape .NYC


Runescape Robbery


Runescape .NYC


Runescape .NYC


.NYC Domain


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