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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Oct 2, 2018

Today we travel to Chile and then, oddly enough, to a small German village in Chile that holds dark secrets. Then we explore the world of EVPs. Can a simple recorder pick up the voices of the dead?



Colonia Dignidad is a Bavarian style town deep inside Chile. Established by a German minister with a less than respectable past, you know things aren't going to end well. But when he teams up with a government intent on shutting down all dissent things quickly go from bad to worse.

Then we look, or listen, to EVPs. With new devices like the Spirit Box, are we on the verge of finally being able to contact the other side?

Finally,  . . . have you take the Boo Pill yet?


The Torture Colony (Great Article)

Villa Baviera

What happened in Colonia? Inside the terrifying Nazi cult that inspired Emma Watson's new film

Colonia Dignidad

The Reformed Nazi Cult trying to Open its Colony to Tourism

Suicide Bridge Pasadena, California - Demon

(Take The Boo Pill!!!)

Listen to One of the Most Convincing EVP Recordings Ever Captured

Super Horrifying EVPs That Will Creep You Out

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