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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Oct 8, 2018

Today we looked for haunted boxers, chase the Catman of Greenock, and attend a special viewing of a supposedly haunted film.



The Catman of Greenock was a local legend for decades. Residents of this Scottish town were divided: Some believed he existed while others thought he was a myth. Would photos prove the existence of the elusive Catman?

Then we grab our popcorn and watch a cursed film called “Return To Babylon.” Did a director find canisters of haunted film and use them to make a silent film? Was Christ-like imagery and demonic fiends present in the final cut? And will this movie ever be released?


Tracking Down the Legendary Greenock Catman, Scotland’s Glowing-Eyed, Rat-Eating Mystery

Local Legend: The Mysterious Tale of the Catman of Greenock

The Mysterious Catman Of Greenrock Has Been Creeping People Out For Decades

Deciphering Hollywood’s Scariest Movie: Return to Babylon’s Terrifying Ghosts Caught on Film

Paranormal Corner: Is this film actually haunted?

Return To Babylon

Return to Babylon

Return To Babylon (Director's Video)

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